About Me

I live in Maidenhead (or the metropolis) as I like to call it. It’s a bit different to living in New York or London (which I’ve done) but being here with my other half and my two year old daughter is great – happy times.

Becoming a mum and with friends and family having children, I’ve been in popular demand for portraits again so it seemed natural to pick up the ‘proper’ camera again and get back to my roots as a photographer.

Most days you’ll see me snapping away with my iPhone or writing things for my blog . 'maidenhead mum’

Random Facts About Me

I’m a massive Gavin and Stacey fan and dragged my partner and his dad to Barry Island on a cold Easter bank holiday just so we could have a coffee from Marco’s. I live in hope of a fourth series (and get a bit emotional when I watch the old episodes)

I have a pair of shiny black Dr Martin boots (and am old enough to have had a green pair the first time round) The best thing about them is that people stop me in the street and tell me all about their “Doc Boot Story” in a misty eyed way. Which is highly entertaining.

And of course not forgetting that all important subject: photography. It’s always been something I’ve enjoyed and I’ve been pretty lucky to be able to have made it a full time job. After 5 years of portraits I took a break from portrait photography and worked for Benefit Cosmetics (for the joy of the freebies!) and for Three Mobile (for the joy of the gadgets!).


If you're anything like me, you like to read what other people have to say before committing to things. Especially when it comes to parting with money for something a little out of the ordinary like a photo shoot. So to make things easier for you I've included some comments from previous colleagues and clients.