The PhotoJodie blog is written solely by me, Jodie Humphries.

As well as being a freelance photographer I’m a Marketing Manager for a well known mobile telephone network based in Maidenhead. (My views here are my own and in no way linked to them) I also write a blog called Maidenhead Mum which you can find by clicking here.

If you’d like me to review a product, event or bit of technology (including Apps) then please get in touch. I love most gadgets and new technology too. You can never own too many cameras.....Or should that be shoes?!

I will always write an honest review of anything I’m trying out so please bear in mind that might not always mean a glowing review! I will also make it clear on my blog post if I've been supplied with an item to review. Sometimes I've written about stuff just for the fun of it, because I thought it was THAT good.

If you’d like to work with me please contact , find me on Twitter, or use the Contact Form on this site.